Are we finally understanding how technology can work in our favor?

Are we finally understanding how technology can work in our favor?

by Darren Pitt on September 5, 2014

So, the signs are clear, collaboration is growing, the buzz around collaboration continues and new ways of working are being sought. Spaces are evolving, the places we choose to work from are also changing, and we are on the move a lot more as a work force. We are not only now looking for video & collaboration solutions to save on travel, but to enable us to travel more, connecting with those we need to, as and when we need to, in a better way.
The spaces we normally use when on the move such as the trusted coffee shop are also adapting. Only this week I saw a POD work space appear in a motorway services I normally look to use for an hour or so when travelling and need to catch up on mails and calls along with that much needed coffee.

digitavia-regus-workpod digitavia-workpod digitavia-regus

The range of collaboration solutions are also expanding and maturing I am pleased to say. Next week sees the launch of CleverTouch’s new London demonstration center with their new corporate offering on show. I was impressed with what I saw and here is a sneak preview.

Let’s not forget that Smart is the dominant force in the collaboration space with a very good portfolio which now includes the Smart Kapp offering. However, with the likes of Promethean and their complimentary approach and CleverTouch with their instant walk up and simple to use style . There is now a wider range of collaboration options so this means you really can find the solution that works best for you and your organisation.
The work place and our changing working partners are a very interesting development to watch and be involved in. Are we finally understanding how technology can work in our favor and give us the valuable tools we need? Is it now intuitive enough to make it easy for all to use when so desired? I think it is, it’s just that most providers don’t want you to find this out yet as they’re not ready for it.

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