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Shure is the world’s leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics that help amplify, process, and mix sound. Its products have been capturing the human voice for over 90 years with uncompromising commitment to continuously innovate and improve product performance.

Whether it’s national leaders debating on the world stage, panel members conversing across a room, or an AV conference that requires pristine speech intelligibility. Countless hours of engineering and testing ensure that when the most important audio moments occur, you can count on Shure to capture them – whatever the environment. From conference room to concert hall, church to house of parliament.


  1. 1 Shure believes that good sound directly contributes to the well-being, productivity, creativity, and connectedness of people in the workplace.
  2. 2 Audio tools that capture the voice naturally, fit harmoniously with the room’s appearance, and make it effortless to connect people.
  3. 3 Outstanding sound quality, flexibility, and usability without compromising the appearance of the room.
  4. 4 Innovative wireless solutions, able to meet the demanding needs of increasingly hostile RF environments.
  5. 5 An experienced team of application engineers and sales support managers are available to help with technical questions or system design.
  6. 6 Leverage the power of Shure IntelliMix and Dante digital audio networking to make design, installation, and configuration simple and straightforward.
“We know very well that absolute perfection cannot be attained, but we will never stop striving for it.” - Sidney Shure (Founder of Shure Inc)

Audio Issue's solved with better conference sound

Common Problems and how we solve them
  1. 1 Enhance speech clarity to ensure that every meeting participant is clearly heard
  2. 2 Experience consistent audio coverage and volume, even when the speakers move around the room
  3. 3 Eliminate bad meeting behaviour and poor microphone technique by requiring less interaction with technology
  4. 4 Alleviate listener fatigue by providing the best possible speech intelligibility
  5. 5 Reject overhead noise from HVAC, projectors and other sources
  • Microflex Advance Digitavia

    Microflex Advance

    Category: SHURE

    Shure’s new Microflex Advance networked array conferencing microphones make communication effortless by delivering consistent voice clarity for each person in a meeting, regardless of where they are sitting in the room.

    More importantly, Microflex Advance enables the best possible experience for the person on the other end of the call by providing more engaging and fluid communication. Whether sitting upright, leaning back, using a laptop or talking at the display, they will still be clearly heard and understood. You no longer have to schedule time before the meeting to ensure the sound is working properly.

    The new MXA910 Ceiling Array and MX310 Table Array microphones help creating a natural, comfortable and productive meeting environment means effective communication is brought to the forefront and the technology hides in the background.

  • DIS Discussion Systems Digitavia

    DIS Discussion Systems

    Category: SHURE

    Dependable, high-quality audio solutions for conferencing and discussion systems of any size and setting. DIS systems enable meeting participants to hear each other clearly, across the room or across the country. A choice of portable or permanently-installed discussion units combine the microphone, loudspeaker, interpretation audio, and user controls in an integrated system.

    Even the largest meetings can be managed with complete control and reliability. With comprehensive hardware and software options, the DIS systems can conform to the specific needs or protocols of any group or organisation, from city councils to global enterprises.