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Connect by Digitavia is a unique and exclusive solutions range of integrated furniture with technology. Connect offers a new way of delivering audio visual & video solutions that takes away all of the issues normally associated with the meeting environment.

Why Connect?

  1. 1 It’s a unique blend of people. space and technology which means highly productive collaboration because teamwork anchors in one space.
  2. 2 Everyone is in camera view making the layout perfect table shape for video conferencing which means no straining, bobbing or weaving to see the screen.
  3. 3 It’s a multiple use working surface with inbuilt power and data within the frame which means no messy cables.
  4. 4 It’s easily accessible technology which means ideas flow better on the fly and within structured visual aids.

  5. 5 It’s ergonomically designed so everyone sees and gets seen and can even be adjusted to different heights which means focus on the meeting and not any discomfort while there.
  6. 6 It has integrated security to prevent casual theft which means you can rely on the creative space.
Connect information
"Made for connecting in meetings as they need to be"

Common Problems Solved By The Connect Range

Common Problems and how we solve them
  1. 1 Square tables and flat make it impossible for everyone seated to see the screen or be seen by a camera which causes strain or frustration.
  2. 2 Accessing and implementing technology and peripherals takes up to 15 minutes at the start of meetings because cables, leads, and plugs are all in different places and on separate walls.
  3. 3 Common usage of meeting rooms increases the risk of casual theft of stand alone technologies of screens or projectors which don’t have integrated technology.
  4. 4 Multiple device meetings create multiple distractions to the focus of the discussions as eye contact is disturbed or disrupted when there is no single focal point.
  • Digitavia Connect Plectrum 6 Seat Digitavia

    Digitavia Connect Plectrum 6 Seat

    Category: Connect

  • Digitavia Connect 10 Digitavia

    Digitavia Connect 10

    Category: Connect

    Connect facilitates team-based interaction by providing a workspace that encourages attendees to share ideas and information seamlessly. A plug socket, HDMI port, network connection point and USB ports are all incorporated into the mast. Our standard KVM switch swaps video, audio and all other inputs between PCs, laptops and other devices connected to the Connect’s screen. Connect can be used in a variety of ways, utilising the screen as the focal point of discussion, or encouraging collaborative group work through the screen functioning as a secondary aid.

  • Digitavia Connect Quad 10 Seater Digitavia

    Digitavia Connect Quad 10 Seater

    Category: Connect

  • Digitavia Connect Teardrop 3 Digitavia

    Digitavia Connect Teardrop 3

    Category: Connect

    Connect Teardrop 3 can be manufactured at seated or standing height for quick or small meetings alike. By angling the worktop away from the screen, everyone can interact and see the screen equally Additional data cable points, Pop-up power units Range of colours, finishes and worktops are all available on request.

  • Digitavia Connect Booth 4 Digitavia

    Digitavia Connect Booth 4

    Category: Connect

    Connect Booth 4 now offers a collaboration meeting space for the breakout, open area and restaurant / coffee shop environment. Available in 4, 6 & 8 seater options and with sound proofing acoustic back panels. Also custom options are available.

  • Connect Mast Digitavia

    Connect Mast

    Category: Connect

    The Connect Mast has been designed to provide an easy to implement audio visual solution for the small meeting space and for those environments where a different approach is required. Ideal for open areas, collaboration spaces, meeting POD's and patient care / hospital environments. Available in a range of sizes and configurations, for more details on the master system contact the team directly.