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Intevi Ltd are a innovative, forward thinking digital media focused manufacturer. Utilising the latest in digital technology our iDX product range helps business’ get their information and content to their audience quickly and easily with a reliable, scalable technology platform. The Intevi team have over 20 years experience in delivering high end solutions based on customer’s needs or pains. Our ethos is to find and supply a turn key solution based on our customers actual business needs, not technology for technologies sake. No matter what solution used (Digital Signage, Digital Communication, IPTV, ) we will provide a real world usable system with the metrics and analytics to support the return on investment.

Why Intevi?

  1. 1 A total cost effective solution to display animated media to your audience; quickly, easily and in a very cost effective way.
  2. 2 Traditional printed posters are replaced by digital solutions that enable the distribution and management of dynamic, eye-catching content onto large format displays.
  3. 3 The solution has a simple and intuitive content media management.
  4. 4 Professional reliable, compact media player with high definition output and various connectivity (Ethernet, WIFI, 3G).
  5. 5 Software allows for multiple user log in’s, all with varying different access levels full scheduling for automated content changes & day parting integration with live data such as news, weather, traffic and other 3rd party data stores ability to integrate with iPads and tablets for two way content sharing.
"Manage and distribute your communication content quickly and easily with the Intevi digital poster"

Traditional printed posters are replaced by digital solutions and it is hard to find a solution enabling you to organise and display animated media to your audience quickly and easily.

Common Problems and how we solve them
  1. 1 Making a traditional printed notice board more interesting and engaging through the use of animated , dynamic content.
  2. 2 Better communication with employees, visitors, customers, keeping staff better informed and raising moral in the work place
  3. 3 Ability to change content and posters instantly to an unlimited number of screens, edit and change content from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  4. 4 Increasing brand awareness
  5. 5 Change product prices dependent on stock levels thus decreasing waste and maximising profits
  6. 6 Cost saving versus printed posters in retail
  • Digital Poster Digitavia

    Digital Poster

    Category: Intevi

    The intevi digital poster is a complete package that includes a compact digital signage media player and 3 years hosting and access to the content management suite . The media player is pre-loaded with the Intevi playback software ready to be connected to any digital display. Once connected to the internet the player will dial home and download its content ready to playback in full high definition. Users access the software through a standard internet browser. Here you can upload your content assets (images, videos, powerpoint etc) decided where and when they play using the scheduling calendar and that’s it!

  • Ministreamer MS-001 Digitavia

    Ministreamer MS-001

    Category: Intevi

    Contained in a small standalone industrial enclosure the MS-001 can decode terrestrial DVB-T signals and broadcast up to three independent channels from any transport stream on separate IP multicast addresses.

  • Ministreamer MS-002 Digitavia

    Ministreamer MS-002

    Category: Intevi

    Contained in a small standalone industrial enclosure the MS- 002 can decode terrestrial DVB-T/T2/C signals and broadcast up to 5 independent channels from any transport stream on separate IP multicast addresses. Including up to 4 simultaneous HD channels.

  • Central Software MC-001 Digitavia

    Central Software MC-001

    Category: Intevi

    Central control of the entire IPTV system. From initial setup to channel control, messaging and alerts.

  • Idt Receiver Digitavia

    Idt Receiver

    Category: Intevi

    Professional and reliable unit that converts the incoming IP signals back to traditional video for high definition digital viewing on a large format display or TV. The receiver also allows for dynamic content to be overlaid with the live video for branded TV channels and messaging.

  • Idt i-view Digitavia

    Idt i-view

    Category: Intevi

    The i-view PC software allows any windows machine on the idt network to watch all or a selection of the channels being broadcast by the mini streamers and DM22T.