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MultiTaction is the leading developer of table- and wall-sized interactive display systems, based on proprietary software and hardware designs. Multiple users can use displays simultaneously. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Other offices are in Singapore and in the USA, in New York, Silicon Valley and Chicago. MultiTaction displays are currently in use in more than 50 countries around the world. They are used in a range of markets such as collaboration and productivity, retail business, exhibitions, museums, education and design.

Why Multitaction?

  1. 1 Designed to present a wide range of rich media content in a innovative and intuitive way.
  2. 2 Recognizes an unlimited number of simultaneous touch points.
  3. 3 Reads not only fingers, but also hands, 2D markers, infrared pens and other real-life objects.
  4. 4 Frameless design with smooth edge-to-edge scratch-resistant front safety glass.
  5. 5 Modular and stackable to any size and shape and easy to embed in custom furniture.
  6. 6 Works natively on a range of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.
"Pushing the boundaries of interactive installations with MultiTaction"

Common problems with other interactive displays

Common Problems and how we solve them
  1. 1 Ambient light interfering the touch tracking
  2. 2 Poor tracking speed, resulting in slow responsiveness
  3. 3 Input methods limited to finger tracking
  4. 4 Physical limitations of the hardware: thick frames, limited screen sizes
  5. 5 Challenges in combining displays into large scale ensembles
  • MultiTaction iWall Digitavia

    MultiTaction iWall

    Category: Multitaction

    MultiTaction iWall is a 5 m x 2.5 m turnkey interactive videowall solution. MultiTaction iWall comprises 12 x 55” Ultra Thin bezel MultiTaction displays with 24 megapixel resolution. MultiTaction Experience application is supplied for making content providing easy. User experience is personalised by utilising MultiTaction Codice. MultiTaction iWall allows corporations to create a smarter workplace and provides immense opportunities in concept design, content development and brand integration. Additional functionality such as social media integration is provided through a range of miniapps.

  • Ultra Thin Bezel: MT553UTB MultiTaction Cell 55″ Full HD LCD UTB Digitavia

    Ultra Thin Bezel: MT553UTB MultiTaction Cell 55″ Full HD LCD UTB

    Category: Multitaction

    Modular and stackable MultiTaction Ultra Thin Bezel Cells are ideal for building huge nearly-seamless interactive walls on any form and size. - 55" display unit: physical dimensions 1215 x 686 x 200 mm/ 47.8 x 27.0 x 7.9 inches - Bezel width: 1.9 mm / 0.07 inches (bottom and left side), 3.8 mm / 0.15 (top and right side)

  • Stackable Models Digitavia

    Stackable Models

    Category: Multitaction

    Stackable models of modular MultiTaction Cells are to be used with external computer. They are ideal for building interactive walls and tables on any form and size. MT550S MultiTaction Cell 55" Full HD LCD Stackable - 55" display unit: physical dimensions 1242 x 713 x 199 mm / 48.9 x 28.1 x 7.8 inches

  • Embedded models Digitavia

    Embedded models

    Category: Multitaction

    MT550W7 MultiTaction Cell 55" Full HD LCD Embedded Windows 7 - with embedded Windows 7 computer - 55" display unit: physical dimensions 1242 x 713 x 199 mm / 48.9 x 28.1 x 7.8 inches Embedded models of MultiTaction Cells contain a computer for applications installed inside the display. That allows multitouch applications to be run without an external computer. These models are ideal for stand-alone displays.