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MiSEAT Aileron
MiSEAT Aileron

MiSEAT Aileron

miSEAT, LLC is a technology company based in Chicago, Illinois, founded by Ron Carlson in August, 2012. The company is now offering the first surface touch technology solution of its kind. The surface touch applications are organically integrated into table, counter and bar tops and enhance customer experiences in public and private spaces such as in restaurants, hotels, office and education sectors. This technology offers an integrated touch keyboard, mouse pad, and wireless cellphone charger, all embedded as a natural part of the overall surface, which ranges from any wood, stone or laminated material to customized graphic images. The product offerings are integrated with NEC technology and supported, installed and serviced by NEC Display Solutions worldwide.

Why MiSEAT Aileron?

  1. 1 CLEAN UP - Much more easily cleaned than standard keyboard/mouse setups.
  2. 2 ANTI-THEFT - The technology is all embedded in the surface.
  3. 3 SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE - Use most any proprietary CPU hardware and software combination.
  4. 4 BRANDING - Our surfaces offer almost infinite branding opportunities.
  5. 5 REFRESHING IMAGE - Inexpensive change outs to revise graphics, material finishes, themes, instruction or branding campaigns.
  6. 6 CONVENIENCE - You don't carry or own a devise to access the Internet or Network.
"This solution is fantastic. Since we installed Aileron in our offices, our groups don't use the small conference rooms anymore" - Larry Zerante, Corporate Concepts, Inc.

It is Difficult To Collaborate Without Social Collaboration 

Common Problems and how we solve them
  1. 1 This collaboration table can be used as your meeting space, minimizing the additional space and expense require for meeting rooms
  2. 2 It’s an attractive show piece giving your space a “WOW” factor
  3. 3 This type of meeting space promotes and enhances collaboration communication among team members
  4. 4 This table provides a more relaxed atmosphere improving participation between team members.
  5. 5 It’s a great touchdown location for transient team members.
  6. 6 Promotes short on the go meetings
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    MiSEAT Aileron Table

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    This table draws people together for impromptu open meetings while providing instant access to your work from the Cloud or Network, and allows for sharing that data with all present in a new unique collaborative way. All of the touch technology is completely embedded in the surface featuring a full standard keyboard, multi gesture mouse, with floating display monitors mounted on fully multi-positional cantilevered arms. In addition, each keyboard position includes embedded cellphone induction charger + near-field communication. Each equipped seat location is also supported with an independent CPU. The Aileron can be ordered in 3 lengths, in various finishes and colors, and in either standing or sitting height position. miSURFACE tops can be branded in any graphic high resolution image, or it can take on the appearance of any natural material. The surface is spill proof and has a glass like finish which is scratch and impact resistant. And you can change it, like a Post-it-Note.