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SMART Technologies has been manufacturing and pioneering interactive collaboration technologies for over 20 years and has a wide portfolio of first-class solutions specifically designed for the Enterprise market.
Brainstorm ideas. Write from afar. Skype in. Whatever you need to do, SMART has an interactive display that suits your needs.


  1. 1 SMART visual collaboration solutions help organisations to reduce costs, boost productivity, and decreases development time.
  2. 2 SMART makes it easier to share information and communicate ideas which accelerates time to market.
  3. 3 SMART visual collaboration solutions engage colleagues and stakeholders alike.
  4. 4 Discover the touch-enabled interactive displays and powerful software applications that will take your organisation to the fourth dimension of collaboration.
  5. 5 The 4th dimension of collaboration supports rich interactivity, so teams can write and draw over any content in digital ink and then instantly capture and share meeting outcomes.
"Products that transform collaboration"

Most companies use audio and video conferencing, but the experience is passive – there's something missing.

Common Problems and how we solve them
  1. 1 Discover the touch-enabled interactive displays and powerful software applications that will take your organisation to the fourth dimension of collaboration.
  2. 2 1D: Talk to each other with high quality sound.
  3. 3 2D: See each other in Full HD (up to 5 streams simultaneously), and welcome remote participants from anywhere using any device or operating system.
  4. 4 3D: Share content of the desktops of all participants whether they are in the meeting room or working remotely.
  • SMART Meeting Pro™ Software Digitavia

    SMART Meeting Pro™ Software

    Category: SMART

    This powerful visual collaboration software allows users to create and capture ideas in the virtually unlimited interactive Unbound Workspace, as well as make notes over any available application, keep meetings organised and easily communicate outcomes. Unbound Workspace - No space restrictions to the workspace. Insert images, hyperlinks or other files you need to work on. Write in digital ink, zoom in and out using gestures and pan across the workspace. Write in any application - SMART Ink 3.1 lets you write in any application you're using, whether it be PDF, PPT or industry-specific software like AutoCAD. Just pick up the pen and start writing. Windows 10 is fully supported. Natural interaction- The touch is precise, so work keeps flowing. Whatever you're doing – writing with a pen, dragging content or zooming in – the software responds accurately with no lag. Connect Multiple Displays - Connect up to 16 displays to the same workspace. Write a note on one display and it shows up on all the others at the same time.

  • SMART Bridgit® conferencing software Digitavia

    SMART Bridgit® conferencing software

    Category: SMART

    Collaborate face­‐to­‐face with more people in more places with SMART Bridgit conferencing software. The latest version supports up to nine webcam video streams, making it easy to hold meetings that are visually engaging, dynamic and interactive. Meeting participants anywhere can work together as if they are in the same room. Bring everyone together: Collaborate with meeting participants anywhere. The so:ware supports up to nine video and audio streams. Remote and local teams can talk face‐to­‐face, share data, interact with content and work collaboratively to solve problems and make decisions. Encourage active participation: Ensure everyone can actively participate in your remote meetings. SMART Bridgit so:ware connects teams with a shared collaborative space, where everyone can see, write notes and make changes easily. Participants can share their desktops, write over remote applications with digital ink and use integrated audio and instant messaging for discussions and questions. Contribute from your iPad: Download the SMART Bridgit® for iPad app to participate in meetings using your iPad.

  • SMART Kapp Digitavia

    SMART Kapp

    Category: SMART

    The next evolution dry erase board that allows you to capture, save and share all your content.

    SMART kapp™ takes the simple writing style of the marker and dry erase board, but allows users to “work and share with others in real time using your smartphone or tablet”.

    Just walk up and start writing with a dry-erase marker. Everyone you invite sees whatever you are doing on your SMART kapp® as it happens – Anyone. Anywhere. Any phone, tablet or PC. Share your notes as you go with up to 250 people at once. Save notes on your phone, tablet and PC with a tap, erase and repeat. It's a whiteboard and personal organizer in one.

    Tap the camera icon on the board to save your work. The kapp app library stores and organizes your notes on your phone.

    • Plug in. Start writing. Easy set-up.
    • Save and organize notes on your device.
    • Email session notes as PDFs or JPEGs.
    • Protect sensitive work with encrypted connections
    • Two sizes of kapp fit all ideas

  • SMART kapp app Digitavia

    SMART kapp app

    Category: SMART

    The free SMART kapp app lets you share whatever you write, erase and scribble on your kapp, kapp iQ and kapp iQ Pro in real time with anyone, anywhere in the world. Save your notes at any time. Send them to the team when you're done. It's that easy.

    How it works
    Get the app (iOS or Android) and connect your device to your kapp.

    Start writing. Everyone sees your notes on their phones, tablets and PCs.
    Send invite with web address.
    Tap to save notes, erase and repeat.
    Email notes when you're done.
    Continue where you left off on kapp iQ or kapp iQ Pro.

    START MEETINGS FAST - connect to your kapp, kapp iQ or kapp iQ Pro with the kapp app. You can invite participants to join your session with a unique URL or personal URL in seconds.
    UP TO 250 PER SESSION - Share your notes as you go with up to 250 people worldwide. People can follow along on their phone, tablet or laptop. With kapp iQ and kapp iQ Pro, they can write back.
    SAVE AND CONTINUE - kapp app saves and organizes notes on your phone within a library. You can upload any session on a kapp iQ and kapp iQ Pro to continue where you left off.
    ENHANCED SECURITY - kapp app protects your work with secure connections, encryption, optional password protection, and servers that delete sessions as soon as you disconnect.

    kapp app protects your work with secure connections, encryption, optional password protection, and servers that delete sessions as soon as you disconnect.

  • SMART kapp iQ Digitavia

    SMART kapp iQ

    Category: SMART

    An Ultra HD display with a built-in whiteboard that you can write on from anywhere. Half whiteboard, half Ultra HD display When it's time to brainstorm, grab a digital pen and start writing like you would on any whiteboard. You can share your notes in the room and with remote users - and remote users can write back. When you're ready to present, switch inputs with a tap to show all kinds of media in stunning Ultra HD resolution. Features • Contribute from anywhere • Writing on your kapp iQ with digital pens is as easy as paper. Anyone you invite can see and contribute to everything on the board using their devices. • Share your notes as you go with up to 250 people worldwide. • Touch. Write. Swipe. Control kapp iQ with your hands. • Save and organize notes on your devices. • Continue any whiteboard session where you left off. • Send session notes as PDFs or JPEGs. • Protect sensitive work with encrypted connections. • The panoramic whiteboard scrolls left to right, giving you more room to work.

  • SMART kapp iQ Pro Digitavia

    SMART kapp iQ Pro

    Category: SMART

    Where technical challenges disappear!

    kapp iQ Pro has all of kapp iQ's collaboration features, plus even more ways to share ideas through SMART Meeting Pro™ software.

    Endless workspace
    Imagine a whiteboard with no edge. On kapp iQ Pro you can write, add images and upload files on to one screen that expands as you work.

    Write over anything
    PDF. PowerPoint. Excel. Autodesk. Even more. Now you can write on anything you display on kapp iQ Pro and save

    • Integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.
    • See who contributed what to Adobe Reader documents.
    • Bookmark work, so you can go back to it with a tap.
    • Zoom in, zoom out and move the screen with your hands.
    • Supports many design and engineering applications, like Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Navisworks and Tekla BIMsight.
    • Share presentations, voice and video with SMART Bridgit™.
    • Sync up to 16 kapp iQ Pros together in the same endless workspace
    • SMART invented technologies exclusive to kapp iQ

    Responds to your lightest touch accurately from corner to corner.


    Pen ID™ Two people can write in different colours at the same time. Object awareness™ Fingers select. Pens write. Palms erase. Your kapp iQ knows the difference.

  • SMART Room System (SRS) Digitavia

    SMART Room System (SRS)

    Category: SMART

    Skype for Business users love the SMART Room System, which allows you to bring Skype into the meeting room on interactive displays and work on the content you’re discussing.

    Plug in need. your laptop and the content you share is now fully interactive. Write over it or zoom, move or drag it with touch gestures within SMART's Unbound Workspace.

    From a single 55" display all the way up to a dual 84" configuration, with 6 sizes to choose from, SMART can accommodate any meeting room size.


    Unlike competitors, every component is made by SMART, simplifying installation and support. It's an integrated solution for audio, video and data collaboration

    • Commercial-grade, HD/LCD displays offer an unrivalled touch experience.
    • Walk in and the display turns on.
    • Work within the Skype for Business interface
    • The panoramic camera (109°) ensures remote colleagues see everyone.
    • Add up to 5 tabletop omni-directional microphones.
    • Control the meeting from the console.
    • Optional wall stand and raceway simplifies installation