With Entry level, Value, Professional, Specialist and 4K UHD public displays ranging from 32 to 98" in size, NEC Display Solutions deliver quality and durability to a variety of application requirements in transport, retail, education, medical, industrial and control environments. NEC public displays meet the demands of the most basic single display application to vast networks often in hostile environments and multiple configuration video walls.


  1. 1 Through innovative technology development, NEC Display Solutions offers the industry’s broadest range of LCD and LED Displays, Projection and Videowall solutions.
  2. 2 NEC products are engineered to an exceptionally high standard for uncompromising reliability and longevity backed by a robust no-fuss warranty and comprehensive technical support. With an established and extensive solutions partner network, there is no display solution that cannot be achieved using NEC technology.
  3. 3 Delivering total end to end solutions, NEC is the brand of choice for the most demanding application requirements in the fields of Transport, Digital-out-of-Home, Retail, Education, Medical, Leisure & Entertainment, Industrial and Control environments.
  4. 4 NEC is committed to minimising its environmental impact by incorporating genuine ECO features on all its products to maximise productivity and reduce power consumption without compromise to performance.
NEC Displays has the unique advantage of being able to compete in virtually every market segment and position itself as a true turnkey solution provider“ Frost & Sullivan.

Common problems in the deployment of digital signage networks

Common Problems and how we solve them
  1. 1 In presenting your brand image via a digital signage medium, trusted NEC quality is crucial in meeting your consistently high standards of performance. Screen failure and poor content only work to reflect badly on your brand.
  2. 2 NEC offers experience and knowledge in creating successful digital signage networks, from signage location, display size and appropriate content to the integration of sensor technology for intelligent, context aware signage, NEC can provide a total solution.
  3. 3 Interactive displays using touch and gesture increase customer engagement and well time whilst you learn more about your customer’s preferences enabling you to deliver a more personalised experience.
  4. 4 With commercial grade screen technology, NEC signage solutions are far superior to a consumer TV for reliability and longevity, backed by a 3 year warranty and NEC’s exceptional technical service and support.
  5. 5 Incorporating LED backlights, NEC signage solutions are slim and lightweight with minimal power consumption for a reduced total cost of ownership and low environmental impact.
  6. 6 Digital signage solutions from NEC will help you to attract and direct the behaviour of your audience to build brand loyalty, exploit additional revenue streams and ultimately achieve sales uplift.
  • XUN Series – Video Wall Digitavia

    XUN Series – Video Wall


    No matter what the requirement, NEC has the right video wall solution to fit virtually any application. Adaptable, scalable and modular, NEC offers unlimited creativity in capturing attention, engaging and delivering a compelling video wall experience. Trusted NEC quality is the professional choice for display technology and can provide the complete video wall solution from pre-configuration and mounting solutions to content management and after sales support. 46” and 55” XUN Series

  • P Series – Professional Signage Digitavia

    P Series – Professional Signage


    The P Series provides a first class solution for digital signage and information distribution applications. New connectivity and sensors allow additional creativity in the content displayed and how it is controlled. The unique built-in NFC sensor in combination with NEC’s new Android app reduces installation and maintenance times, especially useful on larger installations. The Human Sensor is aware of proximity based viewer presence and can change brightness, volume, inputs or power the display up or down resulting in added engagement and considerable energy savings over time. 40” to 80” P Series

  • V Series – Value Signage Digitavia

    V Series – Value Signage


    If you are looking to transform your restaurant, shop or business with the added presence and revenue that digital signage offers, the V Series by NEC provides professional performance you can trust at a surprisingly affordable price. Benefit from the extra attention and sales these outstanding Full HD displays can bring while operating over longer lifecycles. The V Series also offers a DRD-range of signage-ready models for convenient and instant usage. 32” to 80” V Series

  • E Series – Entry Level Signage Digitavia

    E Series – Entry Level Signage


    The E Series commercial-grade displays are designed to bring NEC’s heritage of performance and quality to the most cost-conscious customers. With screen sizes from 32 to 90 inch, the smaller sized E Series models bring a comprehensive line-up of large format displays for entry-level applications. The larger sized models are completely new to the E Series family, specially designed for the needs of corporate customers who rely on quality professional solutions yet offer a compellingly low total cost of ownership. 32” to 90” E Series

  • XUHD | Ultra High Resolution Digitavia

    XUHD | Ultra High Resolution


    NEC is ushering in a new era of visual experience with the MultiSync® UHD Series delivering content in 4KUHD resolution with four times the pixel count of Full HD. Loaded with innovative features and high end components, the UHD models deliver an extraordinary reality-like visual experience with a richness of detail and controlled colour reproduction. 65” to 98” XUHD Series

  • XS | Super Slim Digitavia

    XS | Super Slim


    The super-slim MultiSync® XS Series delivers the longevity and reliability customers expect from a Large Format Display thanks to a professional display panel and proven NEC engineering excellence. The reduced depth and light weight makes it easy to handle and integrate into recesses and housings. 40” to 55” XS Series

  • XHB | High Brightness Digitavia

    XHB | High Brightness


    Sunlight reduces the readability of content so signage located in store front windows or in light drenched atrium spaces needs to present messages with higher brightness. NEC’s XHB displays with ambient light sensor keeps power consumption to a minimum whilst maintaining eye-pleasing readability in even the brightest environments. 47” to 75” XHB Series

  • Protective Glass Digitavia

    Protective Glass


    High quality Conturan® Schott glass ensures reduced reflection and high light transmission for an unrestricted view of display content. In addition it ensures maximum investment security, protecting the display panel against projectiles. 32” V Series PG 84” to 98” XUHD Series PG 40” to 55” XS Series PG 40” to 80” P Series PG

  • Multi-Touch Series Digitavia

    Multi-Touch Series


    Based on the latest touch technology these displays deliver true multi-touch support with fast response times and a high level of accuracy. All NEC interactive displays are plug & play, without the need to install any external driver software. Thanks to an anti-reflective coating, reflections are reduced to a minimum which significantly increases the readability of the content shown. 70” to 90” E Series Touch 40” to 80” P Series Touch 42” to 80” V Series Touch 65” to 98” XUHD Series Touch