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As the World's leading technology company, Samsung is perfectly positioned to deliver tools that allow companies to turn themselves into smarter businesses. Our relentless drive for innovation means that our products are user inspired, collaborative and solutions driven.


  1. 1 Only Samsung has the experience and innovative technology of fully integrated Smart Signage Display solutions to deliver your message and bring your vision to life on the big screen.
  2. 2 An unrivalled combination of design and integration expertise, high quality core professional display and audio systems technologies.
  3. 3 Immersive customer centric business experiences.
  4. 4 Samsung Smart Signage Display's use edge LED technology and Full High-Definition (FHD) picture quality to deliver rich content with impact.
  5. 5 Samsung Video Wall displays allow your business to convey your message or information effectively thanks to their high-quality picture and superior colour accuracy.
“Simplify your message and your business”

Lack of colour accuracy, low quality pictures, can't display your message or information effectively.

Common Problems and how we solve them
  1. 1 Adjust the format to landscape or portrait modes to deliver rich, dynamic and impactful content.
  2. 2 Images aren’t blurred when the screen is touched.
  3. 3 Slim and light with narrow bezels, these digital signage displays are easy to handle and install.
  4. 4 The reduced light scatter and reduced reflection makes the content easier to read, increasing audience concentration.
  5. 5 Full High Definition resolution and 5.1 channel audio support are included for high-quality video, image and audio transfers.
  6. 6 Consuming less power on average compared with conventional cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) Smart Signage Displays, d-LED displays generate less heat, making them more comfortable to be around.
  • ME Series Digitavia

    ME Series

    Category: SAMSUNG

    These ultra-slim displays use up to 35% less energy than CCFL LCD displays yet still deliver brilliant images that demand to be noticed. The narrow bezel maximises screen area adding real impact to your messages, while the svelte, lightweight design aids easy installation.

  • D Series Digitavia

    D Series

    Category: SAMSUNG

    the D Series commercial displays, including the entry-level DB-D and mainstream DM-D slim direct-lit LED LCD displays. The D Series introduces the next-generation of Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform featuring an enhanced system-on-a-chip that supports advanced applications without the need for an external media player or PC, streamlining deployment and significantly reducing total cost of ownership.

  • ED Series Digitavia

    ED Series

    Category: SAMSUNG

    An entry-level Direct-Lit LED display for budget-conscious users. Its attractive price point and low energy consumption make this robust, reliable display the wise choice for budget-conscious users with predictable needs and uncomplicated requirements.

  • PE Series Digitavia

    PE Series

    Category: SAMSUNG

    The PE Series is everything you would expect from a premium display designed for 24/7 operation. Robust and reliable with low running costs, it offers trouble-free operation day-in and day-out. Anti- glare technology delivers sharp pictures even in brightly lit spaces.

  • LE Series Digitavia

    LE Series

    Category: SAMSUNG

    For 24/7 operation on a tight budget, look no further than the LE Series. Designed to provide reliable operation around the clock, the LE Series is a no frills solution for busy environments. Optional Protection Glass protects the display and your investment. This screen comes with additional protection functionality as an option.

  • UD Series Digitavia

    UD Series

    Category: SAMSUNG

    The Samsung UD Series is a spectacular, striking LFD display. It can be used to form wall panels that will transform your business site. At just 5.5mm (bezel to bezel), it has the slimmest bezel of all LFDs, giving your audience a truly unique and immersive visual experience. The UD Series uses direct LED technology to give you superior high definition quality, optimising the impact of images and messages on your customers.

  • UE Series Digitavia

    UE Series

    Category: SAMSUNG

    Samsung UE Series are designed with the largest image display area possible for the greatest visual impact. Super-narrow bezels create a near-seamless image that allows customers to concentrate on the message being displayed. Easy to install and configurable for either landscape, portrait or video display wall, the UE Series video displays are flexible business assets for hospitality, civic and entertainment environments.

  • SL Series Digitavia

    SL Series

    Category: SAMSUNG

    Samsung outdoor LFDs are built to last, offering innovative technology, streamlined design and sturdy construction. With high-brightness, high-contrast screens that meet the demands of harsh outdoor environments, Samsung outdoor LFDs are suitable for virtually any digital signage application. The Samsung SL46B, with the narrow bezel also can be linked together to create an almost seamless video wall image.

  • OL Series Digitavia

    OL Series

    Category: SAMSUNG

    Outdoor Display that Stops at Nothing As business demand grows for outdoor digital signage solutions, manufacturers continue to innovate and improve the way that large format display (LFD) features and construction withstand fluctuating environmental conditions. Our outdoor LFDs are built to last,offering innovative technology, streamlined design and sturdy construction.