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Ashton Bentley
Ashton Bentley

Ashton Bentley

An Ashton Bentley Lync Environment allows you to use your Microsoft Lync account (2010 or 2013) in the meeting room. Use Microsoft Lync on your laptop, or room PC, for presentations, video and audio conferencing and group collaboration. Dramatically reducing preparation time for a meeting. Ashton Bentley Lync Environments are self-contained audio-visual room systems. Supplied complete fully integrated, and pre- configured with everything required. Assembled in minutes with no tools. Use Microsoft Lync the way you want, where you want....

Why Ashton Bentley?

  1. 1 No custom appliances or special PCs - use your corporate build laptop, or dedicated room PC, for simplicity and security.
  2. 2 Take your personal Lync account, desktop, browser and documents in to the meeting and share.
  3. 3 Add new participants during a meeting, introduce new materials, share programs and data from non-Lync devices, work collaboratively using your standard software or browse the web.
  4. 4 Simple connection of guest’s laptops, independent of what operating system they use.
  5. 5 Complete system including HD LED Displays, video/audio processing, loudspeaker bar, microphone, semi-automatic control system.
  6. 6 Our larger systems can also house a hardware codec (Polycom Group 500 for example) to work alongside Lync
"Walk in and work"

No more wasting time setting up a presentation or conferencing system at the start of any meeting

Common Problems and how we solve them
  1. 1 Simply Walk in and Work. Overcome the common problem of wasted time and high costs. Ashton Bentley systems are semi-automated with all connectivity included..
  2. 2 Most audio-visual systems too complicated to operate. Our simple semi-automated control system puts the most hardened technophobe as ease.
  3. 3 Overcome the high costs associated with room installations. Our systems are provided complete and require no building works as free standing. All equipment is pre-integrated and provided from one vendor.
  4. 4 Only 4 active components in each system, common across the range. Always the same wherever in the world the systems are deployed. This makes maintenance very simple and cost effective.
  5. 5 All our systems are modular and can be disassembled quickly to enable re-location.
  6. 6 There are several codec and bridge estate management tools, however if you want to monitor your audiovisual equipment then expensive complex control systems and bespoke programming will be required. However all Ashton Bentley systems can be remotely monitored, and controlled, by our absee web based management tool. Get a quick overview of the 'health' of all your systems, then if a problem occurs receive an automated email and then drill down to see what the problem is. Or take control of a system remotely.
  • Connect 70.1 Touch for Lync Digitavia

    Connect 70.1 Touch for Lync

    Category: Ashton Bentley

    A complete audio-visual room environment supplied with everything required. Including; • Professional Full HD edge-lit LED Display • Audio system with dynamic echo cancellation and bi-amplified active loudspeakers • Central processor for power management, video & audio processing and control • Table-top user interface that is simple and intuitive to operate, with laptop connectivity and microphone • Multi-touch surface with full whiteboard functionality (also available without Touch) • All housed in an elegant freestanding chassis • The complete system is assembled in minutes without tools and no building work • All Ashton Bentley systems can be managed, monitored and controlled remotely A range of alternative Display sizes and configurations are available: 40" Single 46" Single 55" Single and Dual, with or without Touch 70" Single and Dual, with or without Touch 90" Single and Dual, with or without Touch. Coming end 2014.