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AV Wall
AV Wall

AV Wall

With knowledge of both furniture and AV, AVwall provides the most advanced and attractive furniture solutions for AV. Whilst ensuring equipment is mounted, stored and cabled in the best possible way for both operation and servicing, it gives the user a visually appealing product, with all the flexibility for a modern workplace. All our products are designed for the customer to choose the finish and branding that they wish.

Why AV Wall?

  1. 1 EASY DEPLOYMENT, 100% standalone structure, which means no fixing to walls, floors or ceilings. Enabling you to deploy technology across your estate, in a uniform way, whatever the environment.
  2. 2 FULLY DEMOUNTABLE with minimum tools/labour. Can relocated with basic tools and labour, within hours.
  3. 3 SCALABLE to accommodate single or multiple screens, even upgrade the system to a full room.
  4. 4 PRE-CONFIGURED, international power & network connection. All cabling neatly organised & hidden from view
  5. 5 OPTIMISED FOR AV. Rack mounting for all av/it kit, with built-in power management. Designed to integrate speakers & cooling vents/fans
  6. 6 CUSTOMISABLE with vast choice of finishes, including glass, fabric, wood & Perspex, solid colours, full graphic, even wallpaper & textiles
AV Wall information
"Deploy usable technology across an estate, that looks great, without headache"

Common Physical Installation Problems when deploying Audio Visual Technology

Common Problems and how we solve them
  1. 1 Installation within a room can require many trades, and the end result offers no flexibility for relocation.
  2. 2 Stands are ugly and do not lend themselves to robust setup. Cables often unsecured, equipment regularly unplugged and things going missing.
  3. 3 Traditional installation is often not in keeping with brand and room furniture and layout.
  4. 4 Plans change! Equipment may be needed to be relocated on a ‘semi-permanent’ basis for a particular project or a change of use.
  5. 5 Every room is different. You may have listed status buildings, stud or glass walls that are not strong enough or suitable for traditional installation. Or you may in a space that you don’t want to touch the fabric of the room.
  • Single Digitavia


    Category: AV Wall

    The SINGLE is the smallest of the AVwall enterprise solutions. It is designed for screen sizes 46” - 84” in both landscape or portrait orientation. This is for when only a single screen is required. Speakers, control panels and cameras can be specified in any position. Rack mounting and power management comes as standard.

  • Double Digitavia


    Category: AV Wall

    The DOUBLE is the big brother of the single, for use when 2 screens are required. This may be for video conferencing, side-by-side images or multi-boarding environments. The unit can hold multiple screens between 46” and 84”. This can also house 3-screen setups for telepresence suites* (* 3-Screen systems are limited to a screen size of 60”).

  • Custom Digitavia


    Category: AV Wall

    The CUSTOMER screen is often the option for housing videowalls or areas with multiple displays in various different orientations. These systems can go to any width and up to 3000mm in height. This is your opportunity to challenge us!

  • Room Digitavia


    Category: AV Wall

    Any AVwall product can be adapted into a full ‘Demountable Office Pod’, these range in size from telephone box sized rooms up to full presentation suites. This is a great product for creating more meeting spaces or a soundproofed project room, without having to build walls.