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Interactive touchscreen for education
Clevertouch Plus

Clevertouch Plus

During the 2012 / 2013 period, Cleverproducts launched Clevertouch Plus, the next generation of the market leading display. This was created in response to extensive market research amongst the corporate and teaching community and the ever advancing array of technologies designed for personal use, such as tablet and mobile devices.

Why Clevertouch Plus?

  1. 1 Integrated Android operating system with 8GB hard drive, front mounted USB ports for Android and PC
  2. 2 Narrow bezel and modern design, toughened anti glare glass, integrated speakers
  3. 3 One-touch energy saving mode, touch-control menu for on screen input selection
  4. 4 Full HD 1080p resolution/ 4K resolution with 84”, freeze frame
Clevertouch Plus information

Touch not working on external PC with a Plus Series Screen.

Common Problems and how we solve them
  1. 1 Check if the touch works okay on the Android side.
  2. 2 Ensure the USB cable for touch is less than five metres in length and USB 2.0 standard.
  3. 3 Check the USB cable is connected from the USB B on the touch screen to the USB A on the PC.
  4. 4 Try a USB cable less than two metres in length and USB 2.0 standard especially for “device not recognised” errors.
  5. 5 Try a different PC and different USB port on the PC.
  6. 6 Shut down and restart the touch screen with the USB connected.
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    Room Booking Display

    Category: Clevertouch Plus

    Sedao’s solutions can automatically read timetables and turn them into branded graphics for affordable room booking displays. Using standard calendar applications, such as Google calendar, the status of a meeting room can be displayed outside the room on an affordable Android display. The system ships with a selection of designer templates, that can be customised with your own logo, photos and colour scheme and there is also the option to have it fully customised to your exact branding requirements. View at a glance: 1. When a room is free and until when 2. Meetings that are coming up that day 3. When a room is busy and who is using it Extend the room booking, create a booking or edit a booking using smart phone apps, Excel spreadsheets and readily available office software. This system is ideal for business, colleges, conference centres and hotels alike.