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AMX is a manufacturer of hardware and software solutions that simplify the way people interact with technology. With the increasing number of technologies and operating platforms at work and home, AMX solves the complexity of managing this technology with reliable, consistent and scalable systems.

Why AMX?

  1. 1 AMX has been developing innovative technologies to simplify the corporate world for over 30 years.
  2. 2 AMX provides the most capable and proven solutions for centralised control available in the industry.
  3. 3 AMX’s unified solutions automate and control all the electronics and content needed for world- class corporate communication and operation.
  4. 4 Our award winning hardware and software solutions are proven to help maximise energy efficiency and profitability, facilitate productivity and collaboration, and achieve simplified management control.
AMX can eliminate conference room technology problems while dramatically improving productivity.

AMX can eliminate conference room technology problems while dramatically improving productivity.

Common Problems and how we solve them
  1. 1 Before Enzo, easily sharing information during a meeting was often problematic because of the myriad of different storage and access points for the original documents which means that collaboration in meetings now can be significantly better.
  2. 2 AMX technology reduces the total cost of meeting room technology ownership, while reducing programming and maintenance and energy costs by monitoring the status of devices and shutting them down when they are not in use rather than allowing them to waste energy and transformer life.
  3. 3 Before AMX technology solved the problem, collaboration was disjointed during meetings because of delays in setting up between presenters, cables, testing, connecting and accessing resources. Not any more.
  • ENZO Digitavia


    Category: AMX

    AMX’s content-sharing and conferencing platform, Enzo, now includes screen-mirroring functionality, plus upcoming support for Skype and Microsoft Lync. Yes, in addition to retrieving content from the cloud, the Web or USB drive, meeting participants are now able to instantly screen-mirror content from their laptop, smartphone or tablet thanks to MirrorOp wireless technology.

  • PANELS Digitavia


    Category: AMX

    This new generation of touch panels is built for usability offering edge-to-edge capacitive touch glass with multi-touch capabilities. It features advanced technology empowering users to operate AV equipment seamlessly, while providing the ultimate in audio and video quality.

  • HYDRAPORT Digitavia


    Category: AMX

    The Hydraport series allows you to elegantly connect mobile devices at your desk, lectern or table. This sleek solution supports pass-­‐through connectors for audio, video, Ethernet, USB and power plus control as well as retractable solutions for HDMI, VGA, Ethernet and Displayport. The modular assembly makes it easy to change connections as needs evolve, and makes HydraPort® future proof for connection types that have yet to be developed. The elegant, flush-­‐mount design conveniently opens in both directions providing a clean, unobtrusive look.

  • RMS Digitavia


    Category: AMX

    RMS Enterprise provides IT-like remote management capabilities for AV assets and building systems and features a user-friendly dashboard making it easy to centralise the management monitoring of AV equipment , lights, HVAC and other building functions. End users can proactively maintain AV devices before a bulb burns out or receive immediate notification when a display goes offline. IT and AV managers can improve their response times and end users will reduce the amount of productivity while waiting for meeting room equipment to function. RMS Enterprise is especially ideal for managing conference rooms, auditoriums and data centres who IT and AV managers can benefit from a centralised remote management tool with multiple capabilities to monitor and manage equipment or provide reports on energy usage and maintenance schedules.

  • Enova DVX Digitavia

    Enova DVX

    Category: AMX

    Enova DVX All-In-one Presentation Switchers are the center piece of the Perfect Meeting. They dramatically simplify AV control and distribution in the conference rooms, classrooms and auditoriums and are ideal for any room with a mix of analogue and digital sources, multiple displays, or rooms that require support for video conferencing. Exclusive technologies like SmartScale® and InstaGate Pro® ensure perfect video scaling on every output and hassle-free HDMIHDCP installations. Other configuration available in both 10x4 and 6x3.

  • Enova DGX Digitavia

    Enova DGX

    Category: AMX

    The Enova DGX is the most reliable end-to-end analog digital and HDMI/HDCP signal distribution solution on the market today. And now it also includes control, transcoding, scaling – all in a single box that’s half the size of the competition.

  • Massio Digitavia


    Category: AMX

    Massio ControlPads provide higher performance, improved usability, simple programming and RMS integration using RPM, and updated styling. The ControlPads combine the installation flexibility and affordability of wall / lectern mount keypads with the full powered device and room control capabilities of a built in controller.