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Barco ClickShare
Barco ClickShare

Barco ClickShare

The Barco ClickShare is the revolution in wireless collaboration. Very much living up to its name, with just one click you can share both audio and video content from any PC, laptop or Mac to any projector or screen wirelessly in full HD and up to 30 fps. Simply plug in the USB button and start sharing your screen. It also allows for wireless sharing of documents and pictures from Android and IOS devices allowing you to easily embrace the BYOD generation. The ClickShare comes in two models. The larger ‘Conference’ allows four screens to be shared simultaneously for maximum collaboration. It also supports up to 64 buttons at once so that even auditoriums and large meeting rooms can quickly and easily get their point across. The smaller ‘Meeting’ comes at an attractive price point and sleek design. It comes with two buttons and, uniquely, can integrate directly into the body of Barco’s award winning line of corporate projectors for a truly seamless room solution. Barco’s legendary build quality plus the clever design mean that this unit is a lasting addition to any collaboration space. You will never have to worry about having the right cable or the right resolution again as the ClickShare easily takes care of these problems for you and your guests whilst keeping your conference room table clear of ugly and annoying wires. Don’t waste any more time setting up complicated content sharing solutions! Free up your space and start collaborating today.

Why Barco ClickShare?

  1. 1 Simplest way to share content from almost any device for easy collaboration, no complicated interface so can be used by anyone with ease.
  2. 2 Allows sharing from smart phones and tablets wirelessly, so eliminates the need for messy cables.
  3. 3 Compare 4 screens at a time from up to 64 sources, automatically adjusts to native resolution for maximum quality with minimum expertise.
  4. 4 Full HD and up to 30 fps mean that sharing quality is unmatched.
  5. 5 Will easily integrate with Video Conferencing equipment to maximise use.
  6. 6 Can be integrated directly into Barco corporate projectors for fully synchronised solution.
“ClickShare will make meetings a breeze. Who needs cables?”

In meeting rooms, one projector size just doesn’t fit all.

Common Problems and how we solve them
  1. 1 Never scramble around trying to find the right cable again. Share from any device without the clutter of cabling or the need to adjust resolution.
  2. 2 Embrace the BYOD revolution and start using smart phones and tablets to share Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and pictures.
  3. 3 Reduce IT calls with the ease of use and simplicity of design the unit offers. Even guests will be sharing in minutes without the need to log on to your network or bring the right cable.
  4. 4 Save hours of meeting time per week with quick and easy data sharing. 30 minutes lost in a 10 person meeting is 5 hours of wasted employee time.
  • CSC­1 Digitavia


    Category: Barco ClickShare

    More pixels, more content If you are driving two projectors, two screens, or Double HD canvas, the full­featured CSC­1 Base Unit is the right choice. This unit is fully compatible with the ClickShare Buttons and the apps for mobile devices, and was optimized for use in high­profile meeting rooms and boardrooms. Optimized collaboration experience By enabling to display the content of up to 4 users simultaneously, the CSC­1 Base Unit brings a complete Clickshare collaboration experience. 64 Buttons can be wirelessly connected to the Base Unit, ready to share. Furthermore, perfectly synchronized sound and video ensures that movie clips can be optimally enjoyed. And dynamic content from iPads and iPhones can be shown using the optional ClickShare Link. ClickShare set A ClickShare CSC set consists of a Tray, four Buttons and a Base Unit. Additional items are sold separately.

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    Category: Barco ClickShare

    Instantly on screen, using any device A ClickShare CSM­1 set consists of two USB­ powered devices (the ‘ClickShare Buttons’) and a Base Unit. The Base Unit has a fixed connection to the meeting room’s visualization system, and takes care of all the needed processing. Users who want to get their presentation on the large meeting room screen, simply connect a Button to their PC or MAC. They start the application, click the ClickShare Button and immediately their desktop is wirelessly transferred to the large visualization system. Alternatively, when using a smartphone or tablet (either iOS or Android­powered), a simple app allows you to share content as well. A new meeting dynamic ClickShare changes the way you meet. Instead of focusing on one presenter, ClickShare encourages all attendees to participate. By showing visual content on the large meeting room screen, it becomes easier for everybody to prove their point. The system's stability and ease­of­use, also drastically limits the number of needed interventions by the IT department.