Challenge the way you think about catering for in room video conferencing and collaboration

by Darren Pitt on July 16, 2014

I have been asked more and more in recent weeks similar questions; How can I get away from deploying video in a traditional method? What is a better way of deploying a scalable and cost effective video system that is also simple to run and support? What will provide me with a hassle free life and less worry about what will go wrong?

There are many better ways to deploy in room video & audiovisual systems and at Digitavia we are focusing on bringing these to mark.

One of the most innovative systems that offers exceptional ease of deployment and is cost efficient at both a deployment level and also from an ongoing support perspective is the Ashton Bentley range.

Ashton Bentley has kept momentum on their range of video solutions and has brought out Lync solutions that also have full collaborative capabilities. Having now obtained good traction within the market I am still surprised that more organizations are not looking at the Ashton Bentley offering.

All you need from a room based solution is provided in one unit (size options available), they have designed the unit to offer the very best in audio and video with intuitive ease of use for all.

Lync is now fully catered for so there is now a very strong third contender in the Lync room space to challenge both Smart & Crestron. The Ashton Bentley Lync solution is fully compatible with all Lync software versions also.

To find out more and challenge the way you think about catering for video conferencing and collaboration, watch the video and if you want to find out more and put the Ashton Bentley range to the test get in touch.

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