Continued theme, the changing landscape of the meeting space

Continued theme, the changing landscape of the meeting space

by Darren Pitt on July 30, 2014

So following on from last weeks blog I am still very intrigued about the changing use of the meeting space, I have over the last month heard such things as, where reducing the number of meeting rooms and moving towards soft seating and touch down areas, adhoc meeting spaces are the way forward, no walled rooms are more creative and where promoting a meet anywhere policy including outdoors facilities. I have seen the key focus in manufacturing shift from traditional AV to more modern flexible systems that will aid these new environments and a ubiquitous approach to meeting space.

I have also see cross-pollination from leisure and retail environments and the office spaceĀ  filter through to both enviroments and can see where comparisons and ideas are being drawn from. Interestingly it would seem that lessons are being learnt around meeting spaces from how children interact and share with one another within certain types of environments.


Since I asked for feedback on what your seeing and where being asked for, we have through this feedback now come up with a new Connect offering that will be the first of many new offerings to help provide solutions for these new types of meeting spaces.

There is nothing new in our offering in terms of design, there are many of a simular look and feel. However, we have designed this from an audio visual perspective, considered how you connect to the AV service, including how power and network are presented. How many can share content whilst not having wires, black box’s and complicated to use.

As always, keen to hear feedback and also what your challenges are so we can offer solutions for these and rise to the challenge.



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