Crestron at Infocomm 2014

by Darren Pitt on June 30, 2014

One of the interesting things I found out at InfoComm this year around 4K is that the new Mac Book Pro Retina display and new Dell XPS laptops are both displaying higher then 1080p resolution which means that to display native resolution you will need a 4K, screen. There been a lot of talk that 4K is limited as there’s no 4K content yet but this now gives relevance so is now something that has to be considered when planning new AV systems.

Crestron also launched at InfoComm their version of the retractable cable cubby, which later on in the year will also be available with an inbuilt control panel in the lid. Its form factor was neat, cable action smooth and responsive and the cable management under the desk was also well thought out. So a simple thing but the cable management element of any room plays such an important part.

In addition Crestron where also showing their new small – medium room interface and control offering being ConnectIT which provides an AV connection point as well as control via toggle functionality as shown. Very neat and cost effective system for this key space.

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