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Day 3 ISE – highlights from the last day at the show

ISE Day 3 – Highlights From The Last Day At The Show

ISE Day 3 – Highlights From The Last Day At The Show

by Darren Pitt on February 13, 2015

Day 3 ISE – After walking an average of 7 miles a day at the ISE show, I can say that I feel as if I only managed to see about half of what was there in detail. Although on the last day I had a good scout around, it was hard to see everything. So, the show planning a fourth day next year, everyone seemed to be think this be valid. Can my feet take a fourth day, I doubt it.

Here are a few of my highlights from the last day at the show.


We saw the new Icon Flex USB camera and microphone unit designed for the small meeting room and huddle space. This has been long awaited. Able to work with video software such as Google Hangouts and other cloud / PC based video software, this is an ideal solution for these types of spaces.


We also got to see LifeSize’s new ICON 400 unit. An all in one camera and codec system, it produced crystal clear video and exceptional audio even under the harsh conditions of ISE. So, for the small to medium video room you’ve got some very good offerings from LifeSize in this space.


The LifeSize stand was very busy throughout the day and I was informed that this has been a record year at ISE for them.


I was very impressed with Mezzanine and what I can only call the ultimate in room collaboration. Mezzanine provided a very interactive way of calling up, using, manipulating, moving around and working with data. A multiple display solution that was extremely intuitive to use and enjoyable.


Here’s a short video showing me using Mezzanine without being shown how to use it, deliberately, I might add, to prove just how easy it was.

The system also allowed for full collaboration with data and to include simple yet effective white boarding.


Using a small and discreet camera and simple writing surface, whatever written was automatically visible on whichever screen was selected in real time or as an image.


A Mezzanine demonstration centre will soon be coming to London. Collaborative Displays – This year collaborative and interactive display solutions were more prevalent and each stand visited was very busy. Here are three of the best I’d say on the last day. CTouch  – Offering a complete range of panel sizes and with a very good software system to enable instant white boarding and collaboration, CTOUCH is one to look at if you’re looking at collaborative solutions, as this is a big trend at present. I was also very impressed with their 4K display.



iBoard – Again, a small player in the market at present, but I was impressed with their software offering and displays, well priced and very similar to one or two of the other manufacturers in this space, but as an alternative, perhaps one for consideration.


Mondopad by Infocus – Conjuring up fond memories of many many years ago and selling the Infocus 580 projector which was one of the significant milestones in the AV industry at that time, when AV started to become mainstream, I enjoyed my visit to their stand.



Offering a range of interactive panels that have an inbuilt windows operating system with their own collaborative software, Mondapad have gone one step further than many of those in this space. They have built into their solution a video application with a wide angle camera as part of the system, which I found worked very well, even under the harsh conditions of ISE. I was impressed with this.


The displays were well built, attractive and the software worked well, one to look at for sure if you want an all in one solution.  


And yes, that’s me in both pictures, nothing I could do about that.

Waterfall Audio

One of my goals was to review speaker and audio systems for medium rooms and spaces. I was looking for affordability, aesthetics and obviously good performance. I came across the Waterfall Audio stand and spent some time listening to their speakers, I can say I was very impressed. Here’s a short video so you can get an idea for yourself.

The range ticked all the boxes for me, a good offering for the small space right the way up to the very large, well designed, modern looking space and a range I felt would be good for those looking for that little something extra.

We’ll be bringing you more on this range of audio project soon.



I was again impressed with this offering, something a bit different which with the way the office environment is changing is something I can see great appeal in. The audio quality that this system produced was so very good, it filled the space so well and without them having to ramp up the volume you could make out all the individual components of what was being played. This is something we’l be looking to use in a suitable project soon I hope.



As always the Christie stand stood out amongst the crowed.


Their new range of projectors on display simply spoke for themselves and for those high end applications there is nowhere else to look.






And finally, I was very impressed with what was demonstrated to me at the Encoded Media stand.


First of all they demonstrated their media recording solution, which I can only say is a must have for all corporate organisations. A very effective way to record TV and providing the ability to search out any program or ad etc that you might need to review. We’ll be providing you with more detail on this offering over the coming weeks.

I also saw the world’s first 4K lecture capture system which was easy to use, performed exceptionally well and had many features that would benefit most corporate organisations.

B9opRHmIcAAGtXK.jpg large

We’ll be introducing you further to Encodia Media’s offering in our next edition of Digit Magazine.

That’s it for my ISE update, I wish I could have shared more but I simply did not have enough time. Next year we’ll ensure we can bring you more from what we saw that we liked at ISE. If you have anything to share please do let us know.


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