Day One of ISE 2015

Day One of ISE 2015

by Darren Pitt on February 11, 2015

ISE 2015. So, day one of the show and visited several of the key manufacturers today. Firstly, Harman AMX, I was very interested to hear that they see their growth over the next two years coming from Enzo, Hydraport and panel sales, based around small – medium room solutions made up of these key elements. All linked via the network and managed by RMS allowing for ease of asset control and system updates. There have been further updates made to Enzo also. Ed Orchard of Harman AMX explains and tells us more in this video.

In addition AMX’s RPM has evolved further with a global code standardization feature along with a configuration wizard for easy panel set up. ISE 2015 Again this year the Hydraport range was well received and has continued to grow with the options increased. If you’re looking for neat cable management for your meeting spaces and an easy method of control then this is something you should look closely at.  Here AMX’s product manger Michael SAADEH tells us more.

If you’re looking at small room panels for control and to liberate the meeting space, then this short video may be of interest also.

If you’re looking at mobile device and tablet connectivity, then Kramer’s new VIA wireless collaboration solution is a new contender on the block. This product launch video tells you more.

I also liked Kramer’s table charging system for Smart devices and the anchoring method to the table.

ISE 2015

Kramer also introduced their new 4.x Matrix switchers, here’s  Kramer’s Andrew Smith to tell us more.

We then went to the first of the big three screen manufacturers, NEC, and heard Richard Hutchinson telling us more about NEC’s new range of 4K projects which were really impressive.

Seeing this new range of projectors from NEC has made me question, is there more of a case today for using projection than perhaps we think? NEC had some very interesting sets up at the stand, watch this video and tell me, real or not real?

Yes, indeed delivered by three 4K ultra short throw projects, amazing quality and very realistic.

At the Samsung stand we saw their 105” large format display which offered incredible image quality.

ISE 2015

We also saw their new LED signage solutions which offered a very high end image reproduction and were truly impressive.

Image 10-1


Their new range of curved desk top monitors, again offering a very strong image reproduction and I certainly want one of these for my office!

ISE 2015


Also on display was Samsung evolved holographic display which has moved on considerably and I would say is now a real contender for retail applications.

ISE 2015

On display was Samsung’s curved display which I’m assured is coming to market this year.  We’ll see, does this have real application appeal?

ISE 2015

Those were my highlights from day one, I’ll report back further post day two tomorrow.

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