Exciting times ahead…

Exciting times ahead…

by Darren Pitt on October 17, 2014

So, it has been an interesting few weeks, a roller coaster in fact. I have been in over 50 meetings in the last three weeks and have heard quotes like “game changing”, “this will change the meeting landscape”, “I can’t believe it is that easy”. I have seen angry birds played on a 70”interactive screen like it was a smart device and witnessed technology that is in the next 12 months going to have a significant impact on the working environment.  I have seen the light bulb moment when realisation hits that technology can truly aid meetings by removing boundaries, anytime, anyplace, any device and any content. For those that remember the Martini adverts, we have now gone two steps further. All this from what I would class as “Apple” easy to use technology.


Playing angry birds on a 70” screen might not sound like much, but it is simply demonstrating that now we can bring any android app into the meeting space, which has significant implications for video conferencing.

So, on our continued theme of disruptive technology and the move we are clearly seeing towards ubiquitous meeting spaces and truly digital, I was very impressed this week with Smart Technologies new Kapp offering. A very real digital replacement for the good old faithful flipchart / dry white board. It was easy to use, intuitive and actually I liked using it, it felt natural and like I had used it 100 times.

From the app it was easy to save the digital flipcharts to my photos.


Watch this video and you can see just how easy it is.

Smart Kapp, well designed, nice build quality and most of all offers us a true digital flip chart / white board, everything evolves and improves, now the flip chart has also.

Just one innovation that illustrates that manufacturers of meeting technology have identified that we all want simple to use, functional and tech that serves a real purpose.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s coming. No more complex spaces that only do one or two things and are counter productive to meetings.

Our event held recently was well attended and we had very good feedback from all that came along to the sessions. We presented the future of the meeting space and had a number of really good and very interesting conversations. We will be holding further briefing days and I hope you can come along to the next one.


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