Interesting Times For Audiovisual

Interesting Times For Audiovisual

by Darren Pitt on July 22, 2014

Over the last few days I have again seen further signs that the traditional method of deploying audio visual system is fast become old hat. The move towards more simple, effective and scalable ways of deploying systems seems to becoming accepted as the norm. Is this now the way companies are looking to have audiovisual systems installed?

The free standing or floor to wall mounting solutions seem to becoming more and more popular, what initially we had brought to market as a Lynch focused installation method for specific reasons is now being looked at for standard large format display installations within boardroom and meeting space.


Next generation will be around curved screens, which we are working on a project on now using Samsung’s new screen technology.

There are many benefits to using none conventional installation methods for screens, increased flexible for upgrade paths and moves / change, improved design options this brings also, static advertising and branding opportunities and not to mention the cost savings it offers.

Is mounting a screen on or in a wall coming to an end, what other innovation around this is still to come. I am sure there are many ways to do this and we have but a few in our portfolio.  It is also interesting to see that the meeting room is not just the key focus but a lot is being done in open areas being used as collaboration spaces and we are now starting to see tangible value this bring to enhanced working and productivity within a business.

I have often wondered how long it will be before we see tablets in a room specifically provided as a meeting tool and again I have seen this a lot in the last weeks and asked how can these be brought in easily to the audio visual solution. The scary question is will we see more meetings being had where there is no central screen but where we are all just looking at shared content on our own devises / smart phones?


Interest in your views on this and what it is your looking to see by way of innovation?

It is clear that all the key manufactures and providers are now moving towards a new error in technology design to meet the changing landscape within the office environment and flexible spaces. One of the most interesting elements I’ve seen and always amazed at the reaction it gets is the movable power and data connection system from Mainline. This I feel sums up the demands that are being made around the flexible use of space that is being required and how important it is that all the elements of any space are considered.


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