ISE day 2. What’s new or going to suit the small – medium meeting spaces?

ISE day 2. What’s new or going to suit the small – medium meeting spaces?

by Darren Pitt on February 12, 2015

ISE day 2.  So my mission this week at ISE is to seek out what’s new or going to suit the small – medium meeting space and is ideal for the volume enterprise solution, with collaboration being key to this. It is clear that the enterprise customer is looking to increase their meeting facilities and their functionality, but that this needs a new approach, and in order to do this budgets for these spaces need to reduce per space to allow for more.

So, focusing on this, I was interested to hear that Promethean, one of the world’s largest providers of collaborative solutions, is focusing on being complimentary to what the enterprise customer has already. Hear what Paul Dean, Head of Business & Government, had to say introducing Promethean’s offering at ISE.

StarLeaf video conferencing were launching their new control panel for their GT range of endpoints, which has been the only point of negativity around their offering from the user community, so this has been well received. See more…….

Smart Technologies – Smart have launched their new Smart interactive and collaborative software which I thought was very neat and will now make using a Smart board really easy for all, from the occasional user to the advanced. No more complicated user menu and interface, no need to think about which software to use, their new widget pops up as soon as you pick up one or both pens, and provides you with a very easy to understand and use tool.




I also saw the Smart Kapp product in use whilst there, which I have seen before.  I always thought that the Kapp offering was a good one but that the 42″  surface was too small to be practical, this was the view of many apparently and now they have launched the 84″ The capture software is very easy to use, simply connect your device and take away your digital annotation or share with many.  Watch this video to see Kapp in operation


Revolabs as always was a good visit, one of the key manufacturers I would say, who understand that the small to medium meeting room is key to the audio visual and video strategy of any enterprise customer. Here is an introduction to their small to medium space audio offerings

LED displays – a technology that is becoming more and more popular for large display screens. Every year at ISE this hall grows and there are more players entering the market. LED displays are now becoming a technology that is being considered more and more for large meeting space applications and is a technology to watch. We visited ROE Creative and were very impressed. Here is a brief introduction.

Lastly, we went and had a look at LG and were very impressed with their video wall offering.  Chris, from LG, introduces their offering.

That’s it for day two,  7 miles walked, very tired feet but a very good day. Read more on day 3 tomorrow.

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