LIVE DEMONSTRATION starts today, are YOU in?

LIVE DEMONSTRATION starts today, are YOU in?

by Darren Pitt on October 8, 2014

Today on the 8th of October quite simply we are showing you a brand new technology that solves the “how do we as a business connect any smart phones, tablet and or laptops to display screens.Not to just to share information, but to digitally engage with it, then take it away with you on any device to then re engage with it at a later date. Or share it via email, save it in to word etc etc.


We will be showing how via bluetooth and using any device you can share information easily, work with that information if required and then take it away with you with any information or notes added.This is the key to truly unlocking the ability to have anyone, with any smart device or laptop to be able to contribute in a meeting, no matter what it is they want to share.


The solutions presented are EXCLUSIVE to Digitavia and cannot be found elsewhere. A FREE TRIAL of the technology will be offered at the event. Last chance to claim your spot, for the record we put an additional time slot for you, so make sure that you do not miss this, we hope that you will be able to attend.

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