miSEAT updates 2014

miSEAT updates 2014

by Darren Pitt on August 26, 2014

One of largest Fast Casual Dining cafe chains in the USA and Canada has just completed their final pilot program and the miSEAT solutions have been very successful.  The technology offering, which includes the “miSEAT 10” customer experience, is being very well received by customers.  The organic “in-table” enhancing solution blends in to the existing decor perfectly and most seats are occupied by patrons dining.

miSEAT is now also being deployed in a handful of Corporate Office and Education sector companies, which include several offices spaces, a standardization for collaboration areas for a large global trading company, a global pharmaceutical company, and a Chicago, Illinois local grade school that is implementing Aileron as a centerpiece for their new innovation lab; for students 6th through 8th grade. miSEAT is now beginning to approach select Retail companies to discuss Aileron for patrons and customers.

miSEAT will soon releasing the “Surfboard” Aileron design which employ curved shapes for tops and alternate edge profile designs.

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