MultiTaction opens two new offices in the United States

MultiTaction opens two new offices in the United States

by Darren Pitt on October 6, 2014

Quick update from the representative of MultiTaction

These are the moments when the hard work that you have put in results to something measurable: we are moving to bigger offices !

In my native Finland we’d heat up the sauna, roll in the snow and jump into a freezing lake (only to do it again) but since the idea is to warm an office, let’s not get overboard.

So how about some world class interactive displays and applications, including the first ever digital air hockey (see photo above) that uses real life paddles ?  The air hockey application uses MultiTaction exclusive Enriched Reality technology to track the paddles and soda cans on the displays at 100fps (that is very fast).

It is my pleasure to invite You and your colleagues to two Demo Days and Office Warming events:

On October 9 in our Los Gatos office in Silicon Valley. RSVP here for the event
On October 22-23 in our New York City office at Union Square. RSVP herefor the event
Both events begin at 10a and run until 8p each day. The events are free of charge.

As it happens,  New York office opening coincides with the New York Digital Signage week. In addition to this, MultiTaction will exhibit at these two events in October:

ASTC 2014, the annual Science Center show in Raleigh, NC
ABX 2014 aka Architecture Boston, booth #382
ABX 2014 is also our unofficial Boston Demo Days event. When registering, use our discount code MUL14 for a free access to the show floor and VIP lounge.

If you are interested in any of the events do not hesitate to send us a note to

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