Round up of the last few weeks

Round up of the last few weeks

by Darren Pitt on August 15, 2014

So in the world of meeting technology it’s been an interesting few weeks / months. I find it extremely satisfying challenging peoples views around both technology for the meeting space and how it can be deployed. Yes, sometimes perhaps being a little too outspoken, but if we don’t challenge the way people think and break the traditional AV stance, being one of the few voices evangelising that there is a better way, then I feel we would not be doing our job correctly.

A year or so ago I wrote an article saying that we were in one of the only times, certainly in my working life, that the objectives and drives of business was the same as the people in the business. Both want to be more efficient aiding the creation of the elusive work life balance, both want to be having fewer meetings, and certainly more constructive ones, reaching outcomes and conclusions quicker, both want flexibility in the way things are done, enhancing creativity. We see this in the way business is creating different environments and spaces for people to work and collaborate in, the technology is now available to suit both the space and the functionality that is required.

Yet, we don’t quite seem to be doing as well as we could, there is so much more that could be achieved through looking at this thing called audio visual in a new way. I don’t class digitavia as an AV company, we are a meeting solutions provider, which may sound a bit fluffy but that’s what we do. We create meeting environments not just in the boardroom or meeting space but within the home, lounge area, open areas and such like.

Why do we still need to be travelling as much as we do and experiencing the over crowed tube when video is so good and allows us to participate from anywhere and pretty much from any device. With systems such as Star Leaf and LifeSize Cloud offering the capabilities to make high quality video calls from anywhere. Why is propriety still such a strongly used word within the Unified Communication industry?


A few game changers to look at , Ashton Bentleys new Lync offering, AMX & Enzo with its new features and video capabilities, Smart Kapp, StarLeaf with a video offering that is very cost effective and easy to deploy, Promethean with it’s complimentary approach to collaboration.


These are just a few of the technologies that are changing the way we can communicate and collaborate, and from a small voice in the technology wilderness shout out, I hope someone hears.

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