Samsung Futurescape: Update from Darren Pitt

Samsung Futurescape: Update from Darren Pitt

by Darren Pitt on July 4, 2014

As it was announced in the previous blog post Digitavia is attending “Samsung Futurescape event” and of course in our blog and social media platforms you will find latest updates from this event, starting from Monday.

But here’s a quick update before that. Today, at the “Futurescape” event Samsung announced that there will be a new price issued on their 95″ LFD to improve it’s positioning against small video walls and where projection might still be a consideration.

There will be a very aggressive new price issued in the next few days for 95″ and aggressive was emphasised so watch this space.

We’ll tell you more as soon as we have it, but it was highlighted – this is going to be a significant decrease.


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