Some highlights from SAMSUNG technologies event

Some highlights from SAMSUNG technologies event

by Darren Pitt on September 9, 2014

Samsung as you would expect is evolving and ensuring their position as the UK’s premier screen provider is retained. With over 55% market share (1 of every 2 screens purchased is a Samsung screen) they are developing their range to meet today’s demands.

Firstly, no longer will Samsung use the wording large format display, as they now feel that this name no longer represents their screen offering. Ongoing they will be referred to as Samsung SMART signage, which I think is a clever move given the specification and features their screens have.

I was fortunate enough to have obtained one of the 100 limited spaces to the first technical partner event which will be an ongoing and regular event. The first event was well received by those attending and a good format and one which I am sure will improve, with the next event having taking on board the feedback sought by Samsung.

Here’re some highlights:

Samsung’s new QM85D is now available which is the world’s first 4K 85” display. The image quality was exceptional with content supplied by OneLan’s 4K signage player.


The new ultra slim D series SMART Signage range was also on show and presented, with its powerful 2nd and finish options available & built in wifi connectivity second generation SSSP drive (DM & DH only), bezel and finish options available & built in wifi connectivity. This will prove to be a popular model. This will prove to be a popular model.

There was some time spent talking through the advantages of going with professional display, here’s some key statistics presented:


The new easier to use menu was also shown which will make both locally controlling a screen and over the network significantly easier than it is today.


Samsung also presented an overview on their range of solutions and why Samsung is number 1:



And all this was presented on a three x95” screen video wall. We’ll let you know when the full details of the SMART signage range are available. Samsung also launched their magic presenter, a laser less presentation tool that now uses digital technology.


Last, but by no means least, we had an update on MagicInfo. Highlighting just how easy it is to use, we were all invited to use the desktop screens provided to create content and three different channels. I must say this is one thing I’ve never actually done and I was genuinely very surprised how easy this was to do and how much functionality there was. If I can create digital signage anyone can.

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