The InfoComm of Things


We had the great pleasure of visiting InfoComm 2017 this year and wow what a trip.

It was great catching up with our US clients & GAVP colleagues alike and seeing what was new in the marketplace. The huddle space featured heavily throughout with some new players in the space entering the market such as Intel. LED also featured heavily at the show and we saw some amazing quality solutions. 




As promised we have started reviewing some of the products that excited us at InfoComm. There were many of the usual manufacturs but also some suprises from the newer kids on the block that we had to include in our tests...

BARCO ClickShare CSE 800

For large enteprises in need of robust security and large scale connectivity.

The rack mountable CSE-800 is designed for the boardrooms, with up to eight ClickShare buttons enabling eight users to present simultaneously with full 4K video output.
Key Features
  • 2x DCI 4k - capable of driving 2x 4k displays - up to 8x HD sources and 64 ready to share
  • Connectivity - BYOD, legacy inputs - Auto switching and layout
  • Interactivity - Annotation & Blackboarding - Moderation via Button Client
  • Secure - Configurable security - Integration & central management


INFOCUS Mondopad

The all-in-one touchscreen collaboration system for video conferencing, whiteboarding, data sharing, and more...

InFocus Mondopad elegantly blends video calling, whiteboarding and more into one giant touchscreen PC for efficient face-to-face collaboration with people in any location.

Bridge communication gaps, strengthen teams, capture & share information, train more effectively, and save time and money.


New Features for Mezzanine.

Oblong Industries demonstrated new touch annotation capabilities for its Mezzanine 200 Series visual collaboration solution. It's another key step in the evolution of workplace technology from the firm that places human-centered design principles at the core of product innovation and development.

"Teams that use Mezzanine collaborate more effectively because they do not have to wait for a turn or switch modes or ask for permission to do anything," says Navjot Singh, Chief Product Officer at Oblong Industries. "Participants can be in a video chat and be whiteboarding, sharing applications and documents all at the same time. Users will now be able to walk up and start drawing at any time, with multiple users on multiple screens. It's a natural extension of our capabilities."


Small to medium meeting space, VC and Audio Conferencing made simply elegant.

The Acendo Vibe 5100 and 2100 series models incorporate advanced JBL technologies, including far-field microphones and integrated AEC to ensure everyone in the room can be heard clearly. USB and Bluetooth connectivity streamlines BYOD (bring your own device) conference applications by allowing users to easily connect laptops, phones and tablets. Dedicated audio inputs and outputs allow users to integrate Acendo Vibe with other AV systems, such as assistive listening systems and more. 

Legrand Outdoor Power from Middle Atlantic

With offices now including many more open spaces and encouraging staff to go outside throughout the day to work, meet with colleagues or simply take some time out, ensuring you’ve got a hook up for your smart device, tablet or laptop is becoming increasingly more important.  We thought that the Legrand Outdoor Power unit was a well thought out product for this and could see many applications.   NB* Currently only available in the USA

Jamboard from BENQ

A collaborative, digital whiteboard built for the cloud

Jamboard takes the whiteboard to the cloud, delivering a collaborative experience designed to unlock your team’s creativity, in real-time, from anywhere.  Features

  • Better creation
  • Better collaboration
  • Better saving and sharing
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Portable and quick setup
  • Uncompromising design

Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System

The Yamaha CS-700 video sound collaboration system is specifically designed as an all-in-one unit to equip huddle rooms with best in class audio, video, and screen sharing capability.

The Yamaha CS-700 combines ultra-wideband audio with high-quality video to fulfill video, audio, and collaboration requirements in one simple, wall-mounted system addressing all communication and collaboration requirements of the huddle room. Audio, video and screen sharing is accomplished through one USB cable.  The integrated remote management capability enables IT departments across the world to remotely monitor and manage their huddle room installations. More info...

Cisco Spark Board 70

The Cisco Spark™ Board is an all-in-one device that provides everything you need to collaborate with your teams in physical meeting rooms. You can wirelessly present, white board, and have video and audio calls. And it securely connects to your virtual teams through the Cisco Spark service, via your Cisco Spark app-enabled devices, so you can take your meetings and content on the road.


The easiest way to share content at work

From the moment you walk into the room, Pano invites you to connect from your personal device with a simple touch - no special pucks, cables or apps required. Simply connect Pano to any monitor and then cast up to four simultaneous streams of high definition content to easily compare and contrast your work. Turn any regular display into a collaborative solution in minutes and manage from anywhere.

Intel Unite

Start Meetings Fast with Intel Unite® Solution

There are technologies that run in the background, then there are innovations that delight users and truly transform work. When Intel deployed Intel Unite® solution, setup time for meetings was cut from minutes to seconds1 and the IT department received unprecedented praise. Starting a meeting can be difficult when multiple technologies are involved. Intel Unite® solution is an extensible platform that consolidates old peripheral equipment and integrates the latest apps with plug-ins, such as Skype for Business* and Zoom*. Cross platform support for Windows*, OS X*, and now iOS* also make it easy for disparate devices to come together.


New Floor to Wall Mount & Equipment Rack Unit

We at Digitavia have always liked this approach to deploying AV systems, they are often more cost effective than traditional AV installations, quicker to deploy and provide a great level of future-proofing. This new offering from Peerless offers a good solution for any display installation with built in equipment housing via its innovative drop down equipment racks that sit behind the screen.


The wide angle illumination lens

Evoko Groupie is the portable wide angle illumination lens that you can attach to any device. It sticks easily on the existing camera – enlarging and lightening up the field of view. Making everyone in the meeting clearly visible. Small, enlightening, sharp.

Introducing Evoko Minto

Say hello to the most important participant in your future meetings. Say goodbye to background noise, distractions and comments that can’t be heard. Evoko Minto is intelligent, really easy to work with and all rather gorgeous. With a remarkable ability to hear what’s important and what isn’t. All thanks to a unique sound technology. Ready for use with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop: fast tracking you to the core of the meeting. Getting the message through to everyone — wherever you are.



Arrive AirPoint 1011-BYMG Wireless Media Collaboration Gateway for Wireless BYOD

Our visit to the Liberty stand was very interesting, there were several products we liked the look of; all of them very focused on the huddle space and soft codec video conferencing environment as well as wireless BYOD connectivity.

Features and Benefits

  • User Selectable Wireless BYOD
  • AirPlay and Miracast screen mirroring - one at a time.
  • Standard Limited Hardware Warranty for Peripherals
  • Ver. SLHW-P 0101-15, with exclusions stated in warranty
  • Note : Device serial number and end customer details


NEW 42 curved OLED Desktop Monitor


Groundbreaking 49-inch super ultra-wide 32:9 curved screen fills your field of view

Quantum dot technology and HDR support provide stunningly realistic color and contrast 



Versatility and Convenience Lead Best-in-Class Lineup of Digital Signage Displays

LG Electronics USA Business Solutions’ cutting-edge commercial display portfolio demonstrated at InfoComm 2017 showcases the industry’s broadest array of digital signage technologies – led by unique LG OLED and LED displays. Debuting at this year’s show are three entirely new products for the U.S. market: the 88-inch LG Ultra Stretch, LG Transparent LED Film, and 55-inch LG Ultra-Bright video wall displays.