The Midwich Technology Exposed event

The Midwich Technology Exposed event

by Darren Pitt on September 18, 2014

Whilst it was a good event I was disappointed with how much space was given to switches and black boxes, but that’s representational of the audio visual industry. It would have been good to have seen more technology based upon today’s working trends but here are few things that I thought were interesting and note worthy.

My favorite bit of tech on the day was the Air Charge and also Epson interactive offering as well as the LG 94″.


Epson where showing their new corporate collaboration offing which they have evolved to offer true walk up and instantly whiteboard so aiming this at a digital replacement for the good old whiteboard and flip chart.

They have worked hard to make his easy to use for all users, no training required and be complimentary to the software you use today such as the Microsoft office applications.

For an 80″ display you are looking at sub 2k for an all in solution.


Moving forward, “aircharge” – now offers true wireless charging for any mobile phone (iPhone does need a case presently but it is a nice slim fitting case). We are one step closer to a wireless meeting environment.


“Aircharge” is already being used in the automotive industry and being used in cars as a wireless charging system.


Also seen at the show where the new 84″ 4K screens, first to be seen was the Panasonic 84″ LED (Pre production unit)


Next was the NEC 84″ 4k display which will be available from November.


Lg also showed their new 98″ 4k due end of this month, this was an exceptional display and is going to be aggressively priced.

digitavia-Avaya-displays digitavia-Avaya

In the world of video I was very impressed with the Avaya range of video solutions. If you are an Avita phone system user then their are some good deals to be had if you implement Avaya video also. So one to loom at for sure.


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