When will we learn – there is a better way

When will we learn – there is a better way

by Darren Pitt on August 8, 2014

Continuing on with the theme I have been blogging about over the last few weeks two things happened to me yesterday. First of all I went to meet clients, pulled in to their car park walked up to their shinny glass building in a lovely setting and as I walked along I went past three room and saw a floor to wall whiteboard fully populated with notes, scribbles and annotations dated the 7th and what looked liked a lot of effort had gone in to in the first. In the second and third much the same but a mixture of whiteboards and flipcharts.


I am always amazed when I see this and ask myself why, there was a display screen in each room also which looked to be current models so installed within the last 12 months. Conference phone and one had video. For a level of investment not dissimilar to what would have been spent they could have gone a digital route.

With the drive that I am sure you are all seeing for more digital meeting facilities that are simple and effective and give the users the full range of functionality or apps which is the way I look it. These spaces could have been catered for in a much better way. I wish I could go back in time and be a fly on the wall when these spaces where being planned, was it lack of knowledge, perceived cost, poor solution selling, vendor etc etc.

In the afternoon I saw this video which is so true and what heralds the news the Smarts new offering for the meeting space being their Kapp offering is arriving soon. If this does not truly bring about the death of the old faithful flipchart and dry wipe board then I don’t know what will.

As the slogan says, the flip-chart reinvented missing however for todays digital age.


To learn more about the product launch in the UK contact our team at sales.support@digitavia.com

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